An Electricals Market or The Palace of A Mercenary Queen ?

Thousands make a beeline today for the Bhagirath Palace Market in Chandni Chowk to fulfill their needs of wholesale lighting equipment, switchboards, wires, heaters, chandeliers and what not. However, about two centuries ago, those making the beeline for the same … Read More

Gurugram: Daughter of Serendipity

Social Share: Behind the futuristic facades of Gurugram is a jagir that has seen some dramatic moments in history – from a Mahabharata connection, to a medieval marauding community, tales of Mughal-era intrigue and a mercenary queen… Catch the story … Read More

Faridabad –  More than an Industrial Centre

In the tradition of towns and cities which hide an interesting medieval past behind their modern glitz, Faridabad stands as a stark example. To the modern conscience, Faridabad is the industrial hub of Haryana with an astounding two thousand plus … Read More