A Walk through the Qutub Complex

Qutub Complex

The Qutub Complex is an iconic group of monuments in Mehrauli, Delhi which mark the permanent entry and establishment of Turkish Muslims in India. The monuments have a rich and layered past with Sultans from 4 different dynasties leaving their mark here across 4 centuries.
The Iron Pillar fascinates with its composition which has remained rust free for nearly 1500 years now in spite of being exposed to the elements. The Qutub Minar has been eliciting awe and admiration of travellers and visitors for more than 800 years now. The Quwwat ul Islam Mosque bears the marks of violent iconoclasm as well as the first common ground found in architecture between two diverse cultures.
Overall the Qutub Complex is a visual display of how the story of India evolved and became what it is today. It is must visit site to understand origins of Indo Islamic architecture in India. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and structures are pristinely preserved.

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